Broadway magic show leaves Londoners awestruck

August 12, 2019

Thrill seekers, masterminds and theatre enthusiasts can enjoy live entertainment in the comfort of the same West End theatre following the opening of an unforgettable magic show this summer.


The Illusionists- transported to London straight from Broadway- features seven state-of-the-art magicians each honing their talents in the production of a first-rate sorcery display.


The two-part performance takes viewers on a tour of the magicians’ specialist acts, while using comedy, special effects and impressive tech displays to capture and sustain the crowd’s interest.


First to perform was The Trickster, Paul Dabek who adopted the role of show host, encapsulating the joy of the show in his first few moments on stage.


Dabek’s engagement of the audience was particularly impressive, and the personalisation of his approach- which is clearly unique to each audience- was a memorable addition to the show.


Paul Dabek- Image: The Illusionists 


The entertainer also gave a fascinating display of shadowgraphy performed to Disney’s Lion King’s Circle of Life which the younger members of the audience were particularly delighted by.


Enzo Weyne gave an equally intriguing performance as The Unforgettable- combining his French roots with sorcery in an extremely convincing transportation trick.


Enzo Weyne- Image: The Illusionists 


Meanwhile South Korean Manipulator Yu Ho-Jin- named Magician of the Year in 2014- led a perfectly polished sequence of card tricks delivered in the most sophisticated of manners.


Yu Ho-Jin- Image: The Illusionists 


And his polar opposite Jonathon Goodwin- famed for his death-defying stunts on this year’s Britain’s Got Talent- squeezed the stomachs of every audience member in his stupendous acts- involving a scorpion and a tank of concrete- as The Daredevil.


Jonathon Goodwin- Image: The Illusionists 


Showman James More also boggled the minds of viewers in a gripping body detachment venture.



 James More- Image: The Illusionists 


Additionally, maintaining the show’s multicultural theme, American Adam Trent gave audience members a true taste of the future with a series of dance-accompanied tech illusions.


Adam Trent- Image: The Illusionists 


And as well as their minds, Trent also managed to capture the hearts and belly laughs of his spectators with the poignant story of his career journey and unanticipated jokes.


Last to the stage was Mentalist Chris Cox who stunned the victims of his mind-reading endeavors as he revealed the hometowns, car makes, and immediate thoughts of several audience members.


Chris Cox - Image: The Illusionists 


Cox’s interesting costume change- triggering a howl of laughter from the crowd- was also the product of another unthinkable yet hilarious illusion performed during the show.


With its outstanding and highly unpredictable line-up of tricks, The Illusionists had viewers gripped from start to finish.


For more information about the show visit


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