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May 21, 2019

Ladies! Did you know you're supposed to get bra fitted every 6 months? And that wearing the wrong sized bra can cause back, rib and soft tissue strain?



Yesterday I took a trip to Boux Avenue for my bra check check-up and it turns out I'd change size I last visited in October.


Boux Avenue offer free bra fits with their expert, and very friendly, fitters.


It's a good idea to wear the bra you wear most often to the fitting so that they can see the sort of fit you're used to wearing, as well as the style that you like- so they can help match it.


The bra fitting starts with a measurement of your underband size which is the strip of bra which lies under your boobs and is most supportive in terms of holding the weight. This will produce a number in cms which will be the first part of your bra size e.g 32A, 32B,32G and so on. (These numbers can also be converted into international measurements for those wanting to purchase bras from other stores across the world). A conversion chart can be found below:



The next step involves working out your cup size. If your underband size is smaller than that of the bra you came to the fit wearing, it's likely that you'll have to go up a cup (and the same applies to going down an underband size- your cup size will decrease too!). 


Alternatively, if your underband size remains the same but you are spilling out of the cup slightly, you'll go up and cup- and if the underband is the same but the cup is spacious- you'll go down a cup.

Your bra fitter will adjust your bra so that it is most supportive of your bust. They will also complete the fit with your preferences in mind (I asked to go a band size higher than my correct underband fit as it felt too tight for my liking!).




If you are looking to buy bras the fitter will then help you choose which styles will suit you best and give as much time to helping you find the perfect bra . And they do so with Boux's perfect fit promise in mind:


"Our promise is to fit you with the best size and style of bra that fits and flatters your shape. Regardless of what the tape measure declares your underband to be, certain factors affect your size; the style of bra, the fabric, the shape of your bust and, of course, your own chosen preference."


Following my visit I chose to take away the Avril spot full support plunge bra which makes the perfect, comfy t-shirt bra which is also flattering at the same time. 





I would highly recommend having a bra fit at one of Boux Avenue's stores. Unlike may other stores they are both FREE and can be done as a walk-in service on the day (no booking is required).


And don't forget if you're buying your bra online or from the Guildford Friary Store you can use my discount code TAZUBOUX20 for 20% off your all lingerie, New In, and summer shop items this month. 


Follow this link to shop online:








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