BREAKING FREE: Disney star swaps melodies for murders.

May 9, 2019

Image credit: IMDb 


Real-life thriller starring childhood dream-boy Zac Efron bops its way to the top of twitter’s TRENDING after putting an unexpected twist on original murder documentary series, Ted Bundy tapes. 


For those of you lucky enough to have seen the new Ted Bundy movie (or own an American Netflix account), you’ll be able to relate when I say just how satisfyingly disturbing this crime newbie is.


Efron’s latest casting in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile sees him starring as a serial killer slash manipulative genius in a film based on the disturbing killings of numerous American women during the 1970s. 

And the film’s innovative plot-structure, composed of a series of court hearings and flashbacks, is what makes Joe Berlinger’s film so undeniably shocking. 


At the start viewers are introduced to lady charmer Ted and his love-at-first sight, Liz. And it’s during these first scenes that viewers are led to anticipate a cliché-styled Rom Com plot line.


Lily Collins gives a convincing performance of Liz throughout. She is effortless in her ability to capture the emotional whirlwind of her charter and is careful not to reveal the story’s outcome. 


Cue… the news headlines. Unknowingly to Ted, a series of breaking news stories and murder alerts over the media compel his long-term lover to turn him into the police, resulting in his seemingly unjustified arrests. 


Leading this extraordinary case is Judge Cowart who John Malkovich plays superbly. He gives both an authentic portrayal of the character’s legal position and stimulates the unpredictability of the plot. 


Women all over America are being brutally murdered, but humorously to Ted he’s just an ordinary, innocent guy caught up in the messy crimes of someone who is claimed to look like him. Or so it seems…


Ted is wise with words and an escape-artist in the making, but to the high courts he is a deadly human being with an impressive talent for lying. Will Efron’s winning looks be enough to woo you? Or will dissecting his charm allow you to uncover the darkness within… 



This fast-moving thriller will leave you second-guessing the intentions of every person you know. And if there’s one thing you’ll ask yourself when the films up it’s sure to be: Is simply anyone capable of murder?

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