The Cauldron Experience, London.

April 20, 2019

Image credit: Xavier Boldu


Hidden in an underground lair of London’s Dalston Kingsland high street, The Cauldron Experience is a must-do for harry potter fans who want to take their love of the fantasy series to the next level.


Since launching in 2018, this magical cocktail experience has already welcomed thousands of the boy-wizard enthusiasts to enjoy an hour and 45 minutes of potion brewing. Upon entering the venue, guests are immediately immersed in the magic of the experience; welcomed by the experience’s potion masters, and handed their very own wand which aids their cocktail-making skills throughout.


The true magic starts the moment visitors are led into the potions chamber which is situated underground. It is at this point of the experience that guests are handed a robe and potions menu which the apprentice witch and wizards must select their chosen cocktails from. Amongst those to choose from are the ‘Botany Broth’ (a gin and Earl Grey tea-based infusion) and Spaniard’s Revenge (which carries a fierier kick fit for the more courageous of wizards).



Using their wands and potion kits provided by the potion masters, guests must apply their magical touch and expertise to creating their chosen broths. And the challenge is no easy one. The wizards must work together to brew their tongue-tingling concoctions with the help of a bubbling cauldron, whirl spinner, and the Alchemist’s magical pocket watch. Additionally, guests also get the chance to enjoy a cocktail from a beast of their choice, providing they are deemed deserving of the alcoholic treat. It is up to them to decide who they trust to provide them with the tastiest cocktail out of the Mighty Kraken, Unicorn, Dragon and Pink-Maned Panteloop.





The Cauldron experience will bring to life the dreams of those who have ever wished to attend Hogwarts. The project’s founder, Matthew Cortland, has innovated a truly magical opportunity which is one not to be missed.




Tickets for the experience must be purchased in advance from £29.99 per ticket. Visitors must be aged 18+ and indisputable Harry Potter fans.

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