Fighting with my family: Review

March 11, 2019

Five stars 



Born with wrestling in her veins, Saraya Knight (ring name ‘Paige’) dreams of only one thing; becoming an all-time champ. So, when the opportunity to try out for the WWE arises for her and big brother, Zak, and only Paige gets picked, she must face the impossible decision of training in America alone, or rejecting the offer all together. Paige’s decision to take the leap and go to the US lands her in an even stickier situation where she must fight to fit in with the crowd and swallow the criticism of her no-nonsense coach ‘Hutch’ (Vince Vaughn). The WWE is tougher than she had ever imagined and pleasing the fans is nothing like the response in her tight-knit hometown. 


Meanwhile, at home, Zak struggles to deal with his duties as a new dad and accepting his rejection. One visit home for Paige shows her just how broken her brother is and how desperately she wants to swap her place on the exhausting training programme for the leadership role back at her community training club. Ultimately, it is this trip which allows her to regain the faith and confidence in herself that she was starting to lose. The next stage of her training shows a new, determined side to Paige which is guaranteed to succeed. 


This terrific re-telling of a real story carries hints of comedy as well as inspiration. On humour grounds, Dwayne Jonson and Nick Frost can be thanked; The Rock’s appearance carrying a great degree of personal significance to Johnson’s past.


In terms of performance, Florence Pugh (Paige) is inspiring; demonstrating not only natural-like talents of a wrestler, but exceptional acting skills. Leana Headey (Paige’s mum) and Jack Lowden (Zak) should also be highly commended. 


‘Fighting with my Family’ is a valuable reminder of the strength and perseverance it takes to achieve your dreams. Paige might not be the WWE’s typical contestant, but her unbeatable mindset and family support system are like no other. 




Image credit: IMDb

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