Bras from Afar

January 28, 2019

A Scottish charity, founded in 2010, has recently turned to Facebook to encourage women from across the globe to recycle their old bras. The unique campaign, named Smalls for All, recognises that whilst charity shops are a great way to maintain recycling habits and help the less fortunate, they often do not accept underwear due to hygiene standards. Alternatively, Smalls for All is designed to do exactly what charity shops cannot: recycle used bras by giving them to women in African villages who otherwise would not own one. 


By establishing a network between those who can and cannot afford the luxury of a bra, the Smalls for All campaign aims to give African women a commodity whilst also improving their hygiene and welfare; bra by bra. According to the champions of the campaign, wearing a bra is a sign of wealth, status and power in these countries. It is therefore possible that the women who receive a recycled bra may become less vulnerable to rape and abuse within their communities. Equally, if a bra is too tatty and therefore unfit for use, the material and metal will be used to fund new knickers for young girls in the same communities. New knickers are also a necessity for these women as many own only one pair or none at all; making young girls’ experiences of starting their periods particularly unpleasant.


Want to get involved? Simply send your unwanted bras to the following address: Smalls for All, 108 Buchanan Crescent, Eliburn, Livingston, United Kingdom, EH54 7EF. 


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