Fear off, Bra on.

September 30, 2018

Why my fear of bra fittings left me uncomfortable for far too long.

Following my most recent bra fitting at Boux Avenue’s Guilford store, when I was fitted and assisted by the loveliest team of professional fitters, I was inspired to write this blog post reflecting back on my fear of bra fittings as a teen.

Due to having fairly large boobs from a young age, I was taken to buy my first proper bra by my mum at the age of 9 (when my pink crop tops weren’t quite doing the job anymore). I remember the horribly embarrassing feeling of walking into the bra section at M & S with my mum; my cheeks getting rosier by the second as she resiliently picked up numerous bras in hope of finding one I’d like. And to this date I can still remember the one I eventually picked- a little grey padded one with pink monkeys on (my favourite animal at the time). Bless.

The first time proper bra fitting I had was just before I started secondary school, around the same time I did the big uniform shop. For the fit, mum took me to Marks and Spencer. I remember being so nervous and self conscious knowing a woman I didn’t know who be seeing me in my bra. So scared that on numerous occasions I would say a certain bra was comfortable (when it probably wasn’t) just to get the session over and done with!

Throughout the remainder of secondary school and through to my GCSE year, I began to buy new bras as and when I needed new ones; often using my own judgement to move up or down sizes when my existing bra began to hurt (a very bad idea). Equally, I tried a few bra fits later on such as another one at M & S (which didn’t help much as I wasn’t interested in buying any of their styles) and Ann Summers (also a bad idea as the bras I took home were far too mature for me and impractical for school). Consequently, I often resorted to wearing a sports bra to school and under tops which would hide them to stop any wire pain or dark red marks forming throughout the day.

The next time I thought about getting fitted was when I began sixth form: when I met my current boyfriend and decided I needed to get a bra that properly fitted if I was going to wear my own clothes to school instead of hiding under a baggy school shirt and sweater. For this, I chose Bravissimo: a bra shop my mum (who I inherited my boobs from) is a longstanding customer of. After the fitting, I was able to select a couple of t-shirts bras as well as various bikinis which I could trust to keep me supported in and out of the pool. Wearing a bra that was fitted to my size was a real eye opener for me. Not only was I wearing a fitted bra which was 2 cup sizes bigger and 2 band sizes smaller than previously, but I now looked forward to putting my bra on in the morning, knowing that it would make me look good whilst also not causing me any pain.

Whilst I still regularly purchase items from Bravissimo, I have recently- since learning about Boux Avenue from my sister who represented them as a Student Ambassador last year- turned to Boux for all my bra needs. Having a fitting at Boux made me feel confident and sexy. Not only was I fitted by a member of the team with the same bra size of me, who was able to recommend different styles and fits, but I was offered a range of styles and colours to try on, without any rush or obligation to buy them. Equally, my fitter was able to offer me advice on how I should wear any bra and how to position it to avoid any harm to my breast tissue.

Just stepping into a Boux Avenue store and seeing the range of items on display is enough to illustrate just how motivated the brand is in inviting women of numerous body types to celebrate their boobs and feel comfortable in their own bodies. Boux offers underwear ranging from everyday to date night, and even for special occasions, such as bridal and valentine sets. Additionally, Boux also stocks swimwear, pyjamas (the cosiest dressing gowns ever I must add) and a new activewear range.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend going for a bra fitting at least once a year (and as soon as possible if you haven’t had one in a while) to ensure that you’re as supported as possible. Fits are also a good opportunity to try out a new style if you find yourself constantly stuck wearing the same old bra!

Most importantly, I’m so pleased to announce that I have been chosen to represent Boux Avenue this year as a student ambassador. I can’t wait to share with you all the new glamorous styles and designs released over the next year. Additionally, I hope that through sharing my experience I can inspire other women to embrace their bodies and to find that special item which makes them smile when looking in the mirror. For me, my new favourite is the Odette Deco Boux set. It's supportive, flattering and stand-out gorgeous! 



Cover image copyright of Boux Avenue ltd.






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