Refreshingly addictive thriller: A Simple Favour

September 26, 2018


One Simple Favour becomes a hunt for the dark truth. 


For those of you who have seen or read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, Paul Feig’s A Simple Favour provides the same compelling plot twists, adrenaline rushes and seat jerks that the prior ‘Missing Woman’ thriller did. This comparison, however, is by no means designed to depreciate the cinematic genius that A Simple Favour is. The new comedic mystery thriller is a fiercely refreshing addition to our big screen; combining the talents of some of our favourite female American actresses with a superbly executed plot and choice of setting.  


It is no surprise that the new release has already grossed over $43 million worldwide. Anna Kendrick, best known for her appearances in musical comedy Pitch Perfect and fantasy Into the Woods, gives a faultless performance as Stephanie Smothers, a widower who thrives on motherhood and is utterly overwhelmed when ‘too sexy to be true’ school mum, Emily Nelson, invites her round for cocktails at her million-dollar mansion.


Blake Lively, renowned for her role in Netflix’s Gossip Girl, gives an equally impressive performance as Emily. Lively adopts the role with a deceptive amount of elegance and charm which convinces viewers, as much as Stephanie, that she is contempt with her prosperous life style, handsome husband (Henry Golding) and high-profile job.


Comedic at first, the contrast in character between soon-to-be best friends Stephanie and Emily, proves a vital aspect of the plot which Emily so cunningly uses to her advantage. For just a simple favour. From this moment on, viewers receive a gradual insight into the darker and more complex themes of the film; unveiled through unanticipated, sudden turns in the plot.


Feig’s unique and contemporary mystery thriller is yet another example of the gripping and entertaining nature of missing persons fictional crime. It has everything mystery-fanatics want in a good, borderline gruesome, crime tale: a lake, a dead body, an abandoned summer camp, A Simple Favour has it all. Nonetheless, the film does not demonstrate the cliché, predictable moments that some thrillers often fail to avoid. This carefully crafted, fast moving plot line is quite possibly the winning feature which makes A Simple Favour so enjoyably addictive. Likewise, it’s combination of both comedic and alarming moments contribute to the unique viewer experience of the film, resulting in viewers left wanting more.


“You don’t want to be friends with me, trust me”, Emily Warns Stephanie before she disappears. Similarly, you won’t want to love this film, which will make you cringe, gasp and flinch at points, but you WILL.


I have no doubt that this film will become a favourite for mums and teenagers alike, and will be of a hot topic for the weeks to come.  




Image copyright of Lionsgate Publicity

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